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Establishment of the company

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The company starts its operation in a home garage with one double-disc grinding/ polishing machine.


Gaining new customers

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Slowly, the company begins to establish itself in the local market and steadily gains its first customers. There are more machines in the home workshop every year.


Move to a larger production space

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The need for more space becomes urgent, so it is necessary to move the machines to a larger space. The first employees also join the company.


An increase in orders from existing customers and the start of cooperation with new business associates

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The new premises allow larger capacities, and the demand is ever increasing. The company is developing and starts to establish itself even more on the Slovenian market as well as on the foreign market at the same time.


The first robot

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The company gains its first foreign customer with large orders. It soon becomes apparent that the employees will not be able to do everything manually by themselves, so the owner invests in the purchase of the first robot, which then relieves the employees considerably. The company then operates at full capacity for the next few years.


Purchase of larger business premises

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The existing production facilities once again become too small due to the large amount of work, so it is again necessary to consider a larger workshop.
The director decides to buy a unit in the Turnše industrial zone near Domžale.


new robots

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The company develops even more at the new location, improving, educating and expanding its staff. The new premises allow the realization of new orders from business associates in the domestic and foreign markets. Processing programs are prepared for the robots for most of the production pieces, and due to the large volume of work there are more robots in the workshop every year.


Signing a contract

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A contract for long-term cooperation with a German office chair provider is signed.

od 2017...

Optimizing production

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Continuous optimization of production, improvements, transfer of work to the robotic lines as much as possible, continuous quality assurance, cooperation with reputable business associates.