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Who are we

We are engaged in the surface treatment of metal products, such as, for example, office chair components, sofas, household appliances etc.
We also process various handles, bathroom and sanitary equipment, taps, commercial equipment, posts and fences.
Additionally, our trump card is the renovation or reconstruction of vintage car parts and other antique objects.

present on the market

since 1994

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ročno brušenje železa
Robotska obdelava kovin

Our services

Metal grinding

We offer grinding of metal parts of various shapes and sizes with different granulations.

Metal polishing

We offer polishing of metal products of various shapes and sizes. When polishing metals, we use different polishing pastes and reels of different materials and compositions.

Robotic metalworking

We process large quantities of pieces with robots, as this relieves our employees. At the same time, we ensure the quality of all production pieces is the same throughout the whole production process, speed, and identical pieces from the first to the last.

Vibration polishing of metals

Large quantities of pieces can also be machined by means of vibration polishing, as this ensures the surface roughness is the same across all production pieces, and that they all have the same appearance, while at the same time removing any traces from the cutting tools, sharp edges and so on.

Cleaning metal products

Following the production processing we clean and degrease the metal products with special agents. The pieces are therefore clean and ready to be potentially galvanized.

Scraping of metals

The process produces pieces that are pleasant to the touch and do not have sharp edges.